Third country nationals

If you or your partner are from a non-EU country, you may be able to enter Switzerland as a tourist. The Swiss representative in your country of origin or from the Federal Office for Migration (

A tourist vias may be valid for up to three months. Applications concerning extensions are decided upon by the pertinent Cantonal Authority. If the entering foreigner lacks sufficient financial resources, a sponsorship declaration (formerly a written guarantee) may be required in the amount of CHF 30'000.00. Travel insurance of CHF 50'000.00 (premium of approximately CHF 300.00 to 600.00 may also be required.

Important: There is no legal right to be issued a vis. If a negative visa decision is received, an appealable written statement of the reasons may be requested at the applicant's expense.
There are various categories of permits for dependents of holders of valid residence permits" from third countries (non-EU countries) who would like to take up residence in Switzerland. You can find an overview and additional information below and at
Even foreigners for whom a visa is not required, may remain in Switzerland for no more than three months. Information on how to go about entering Switzerland or inviting somebody to visit is available from the Swiss Federal Office for Migration.