Permit B (one-year residence) due to marriage

By marrying a Swiss citizen, a foreigner is entitled to having a residence permit issued or extended (art 42 and 46 of the Swiss Aliens' Act AuG).
As a rule, the B permit with “Spouse of a Swiss citizen” as the purpose of residence is extended every year for as long as the purpose of residence, i.e. the marriage, exists. EU nationals receive a five-year residence permit and have an original right of residence independent of their spouse under the Freedom of Movement Agreements (FZA). 
The B permit is valid in the canton in question. Spouses of Swiss citizens have a legal claim for moving to another canton. When moving to another canton, a new permit needs to be applied for. 

With the B permit you are not subject to a work permit quota, which employers sometimes do not know, and you are equal to Swiss employees regardless of the labor market situation. (It is advisable to mention this in your cover letter). There is no need to apply for any additional work permit, and there is also a claim to employment outside of the canton of residence without any additional permit (consent from the canton of employment no longer necessary). See also (Work) and (Separation/Divorce).
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