Looking for a position

Depending on the economic situation, it can be very difficult to find a position in Switzerland, especially if you have never worked here before.

It makes sense to compile as comprehensive an application file as possible with curriculum vitae, diplomas, work references and, if possible, personal references.

Confirmations of employment from the home country can also be useful when a letter like the “Arbeitszeugnis” (certificate of employment/letter of recommendation) is not available there.

Where to Look

  • reply to job offers in newspapers
  • Asking friends, acquaintances, neighbors directly and in person. Use your contacts and relationships.
  • write to companies that have not advertised
  • register with Regional Placement Office (= "Regionales Arbeitsvermittlungs-zentrum, RAV")

(The RAV can also provide work referral services to newly arrived persons, regardless of whether they have worked in Switzerland before or not. Evidence of a personal search will be requested)