Tips for entering the work world

It is important to learn the native language of the place of residence. For certain occupations, basic language skills are sufficient; for others a higher skill level is required. The better your language skills, the greater your chance of finding a good job.

  • offer potential employers one or several working days on a trial basis in order for them to be able to assess your skills. This can make up for the lack of working experience in Switzerland.
  • as an entry ticket to a chosen sector or some skilled occupation it may be advisable to first complete some on the job training. This approach requires a great deal of flexibility early-on as status and compensation of trainees are low; it may, however, prove beneficial in the long run. The firm may even hire you on, or you will at least receive a letter of recommendation and references that can be useful for subsequent applications.
  • proper networking could well be a door opener
  • Volunteer work can also be a good opportunity to gather work experience and get to know people who may be able to help you with your job search.contacts established in Switzerland at an earlier stage (e.g. while a person was still seeking asylum) may serve as reference
  • a number of regions in Switzerland provide further support to people looking for employment such as meeting points for unemployed or church-affiliated organisations (look for pertinent offers locally at your place of residence).