Traveling abroad with children

While married, both parents have a joint right to the custody of their children. 
If you are afraid that your foreign partner may take your mutual children abroad with him or her without your consent, please contact the International Social Services ( . You can find additional information at the Federal Office of Justice ( You can find information on the applicable legislation at .
After a separation or divorce, the court or the guardianship authorities may, in justified cases, order limited or accompanied visiting rights and, for example, have your partner submit his/her passport before visiting the child. In order to reduce risk, it is recommended that you keep the children's passports in a safe place.
If your child has already been taken abroad or in the case of specific suspicions, inform the police immediately and also contact one of the above-listed offices, which will advise you of the options in your case. If the country in question has ratified the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction of October 25, 1980, there are legal possibilities of returning the child to Switzerland.