Household planning

How is contact to the family of origin maintained?

Travel and telephone calls to the country of origin can, depending on the distance and the frequency of contact, cause additional strain on the budget. The desire or obligation to support the foreign partner’s family in their home country can also require additional expenditures, especially in emergencies such as illness.  

How should we divide up our money?

The economic gap between the respective countries of origin as well as the financial circumstances and attitudes of the families of origin can mean a collision between two completely different ideas about dealing with money. 
Preparing a joint budget can help ensure clarification and can show what ideas and desires can be realized with the means that are available. You can get help preparing a budget at Switzerland’s budget advising office:

Gaps in old-age provisions for binational couples Page 117

Foreign nationals from non-EU/EFTA countries who come to Switzerland as adults have gaps in their old age and survivors’ insurance and in their pension funds due to missing contribution years. Each missing contribution year leads to a pension reduction.
It may, however, be possible to close insurance gaps from the 1st and 2nd column using the 3rd column or by means of supplementary payments. Seek advice from a neutral office.