Additional discussion of binational topics

The Counselling Agency for Women and Binational Couples in Berne ( has published a brochure that can support binational couples as they discuss important issues. Using a catalogue of questions, the brochure deals with topics that are worth looking into for any couple, in particular for a binational couple. The brochure "Questions and considerations on binational friendship and marriage" available in German, French, English and Spanish can be ordered free of charge from frabina, Counselling Agency for Women and Binational Couples, Laupenstrasse 2, 3008 Berne. Please enclose a stamped addressed C5 envelope. 
The lobby "binational" ( has issued a "Report on the situation of binational couples and families in Switzerland" ("Bericht zur Situation binationaler Partnerschaften und Familien in der Schweiz") which report looks at the situation from different angles. Unfortunately the German version of the report is already out of print.
At the social and political level, Interessengemeinschaft IG Binational deals with special challenges faced by national couples an families in Switzerlang (