Half of all marriages celebrated in Switzerland are binational!
According to the Swiss Federal Statistical Office (BFS), in the year 2015, 43.1 % of all marriages celebrated in Switzerland were binational.

Swiss female marries non-Swiss male: 16.2 %
Swiss male marries non-Swiss female: 19.7 %
Non-Swiss female marries non-Swiss male*: 7.2 %
*of another nationality

Compared to 2010, binational marriages have remained more or less the same, while the number of binational marriages between non swiss of two different nationalities rose by  0.5 %.
Binational partnerships and families have become an important feature of Swiss society and will continue to grow in number as globalization increases. primarily deals with the situation of binational partnerships and families in which one member is a Swiss national. The origin of the non-Swiss partner will determine the legal requirements applicable to binational couples in Switzerland. Nationals of EU/EFTA member countries are not subject to the same provisions as nationals of non-member countries.

While 12.6 % of Swiss women marry 2016 men from EU/EFTA member countries, 13 % marry men from non-member countries. These Swiss women most frequently marry men from Germany, Italy, Kosovo, France, North Africa, and Turkey.
While 11.5 % of Swiss men marry 2016 women from EU/EFTA member countries, where as 17% marry women from non-member countries. These Swiss men most often marry women from Germany, Italy, France, Brazil, Thailand. 

Compared the number of Swiss divorces (5'992) to the number of Swiss marriages (14'908) in 2015 yields a divorce rate of 41.1%. 

Binational divorces (5'992) to binational marriages (14'908) yields a comparing divorce rate of 40.1 %. 

(all figures drawn from BFS statistics, errors an omissions excepted.)