Binationale Ehe und eingetragene Partnerschaft

Obtaining citizenship / Simplified naturalisation

As the spouse of a Swiss citizen, you are eligible for a reduced version of the naturalisation procedure in case you meet all three of the following conditions:

  • residence in Switzerland for a total of five years
  • uninterrupted residence in Switzerland for the past year
  • married to a Swiss citizen for three years
  • As the spouse of a Swiss national living abroad you may obtain simplified naturalisation if you
  • have been married for six years
  • can prove a close connection to Switzerland

Switzerland recognises dual citizenship. You need to clarify whether dual citizenship is also legally possible in your native country or your partner's native country. If this is not the case, the foreign [non-Swiss] partner will lose his/her original [former] citizenship. 
The application for simplified naturalization must be sent to the Federal Office for Migration (BFM ) and not to the cantonal government. Please observe that this claim exists only when the marriage is intact. In the case of separation/divorce shortly after receiving citizenship or of a marriage of convenience, citizenship can be withdawn even years later.

Information about dual citizenship is available on

You can obtain further information on the legal foundations from the Swiss Federal Office of Immigration, Integration and Emigration (imes).
Additional information on pertinent basic laws and regulations is available from the Swiss Federal Office for Migration, BFM, or from
If you have any questions, please contact pertinent Cantonal Authorities, the Swiss Federal Office for Migration, BFM, or an advice center of our Association.