EU nationals

(The bilateral Switzerland-EU treaties apply for EU citizens)
You can order the brochure “EU-Bürgerinnen und –Bürger in der Schweiz“ (EU citizens in Switzerland) from This brochure provides detailed information about the Agreement on the Freedom of Movement of Persons, transition periods and the practical consequences thereof.

Individuals who are employed or not employed and who have an EU passport have a claim to entry, residence and work permits if they have health insurance and have sufficient  financial resources of their own to cover their living expenses. As far as choosing a job and place of residence are concerned, these individuals are equal to Swiss citizens. As a consequence of the Agreement on the Freedom of Movement binational couples have a right of living together either in Switzerland or in any given EU country without having to marry for reasons pertaining to rights of residence. This applies as well for citizens of the EU 8 ¨& 2 countries (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia. For Bulgaria and Romania, unrestricted freedom of movement will apply starting in 2016.)

Through family reunification, nationals of EU countries may bring spouses, children and parents into Switzerland as long as they are able and willing to pay for their living expenses. The cantonal immigration authorities are responsible for issuing the permit.
The Swiss Federal Office for Migration, BFM, will provide information on the categories of residence permits available to EU citizens and on how to obtain such permits: